Challenges faced

The client has its bases in multiple countries and locations. The compensation system (including criteria, rate of increase/decrease, formatting, etc.) that existed in their APAC offices was different from that in the European offices, while that in their offices located in the USA was different from that in the African countries. Also, some of the offices used off-the-shelf software to perform the operation of compensation allotment, while others were still reliant on excel based tools. This created a lot of problems for people at the CXO level in allocating bonus and merit funds for compensation, from the perspective of equal distribution, corporate fairness, and visibility of dispatched funds.

Proposed Solution

TechVariable came up with a one-stop compensation management solution which took care of the above-mentioned issues, while also creating a sense of transparency and effectiveness in fund allocation. The system had algorithms that took care of the local emotions as well as the global scheme of things. The CXOs now had a figure in mind when they were allocating budgets for yearly projections in this sector.