Challenges faced

The customer was facing the challenge of maintaining quality for a highly configurable and customizable product lifecycle management platform. The platform was using the latest technologies and was cloud-agnostic, adding to the task of managing the application lifecycle amidst short release cycles. They needed a partner with expertise in managing as well as developing enterprise-grade applications and the ability to comprehensively test for assuring the quality of their solution and future releases. Lack of process documentation also added to their overall challenge.

Proposed Solution

In an enterprise-grade application of this scale, the primary focus of THE PLM vendor was the management of CAD files, optimizing the check-in/check-out process, managing BoM, process control, and measurements. This was mainly driven by the scientific discipline of “Knowledge management”, which was to use software to manage knowledge base, decision support systems, and other joined efforts.

TechVariable collaborated with the customer to design as well as develop their products, with all the modules and functionalities. This accelerated the development of various unit test cases of features and functionalities. Automation of the regression testing helped reduce time-to-market for new releases and achieved cost reduction.